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Jeff is a visionary artiste from Paris (Fr), self-taught since 2000, he been also formed, during is studies in Graphic Design and Game design. After having worked on new technology in video games companies, his pleasure and challenge was to confront this next gen approach with his spiritual, psychedelic and shamanic experience. He like to assimilate the impalpable and spiritual world with technology and modern science, and it is in this direction that he have prioritised the use of digital media. He launch Jeff D.Zign in 2013 to create fantasy and visionary art whilst maintaining a modern in style and mixing the representative body abstract visions.

Nowadays, his also working as freelancer, able to work on any visual communication or illustration for artistic or commercial project and also free for exhibition with digital printed canvas.

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I am open to make every effort to carry out your projects ;)



Jeff Farinho

+33-6 63 31 27 07

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